The Krungthep Kreetha Association has opened the golf course consisted of 18 holes on 1st June B.E. 2512 (1969).  The amount of its ordinary members was 1,212 persons.

The construction of the golf course was initially designed by Rear Admiral Lek Sumitr and Captain Umnuay Tupparungsee as the planner for directing the construction. In B.E. 2537(1994) that period Police General  Pao  Sarasin as the President of the Association considered to improve the golf course abundantly and assigned Mr.Jame Robert Wahn, American Architect to design and control the construction, with Lada Thanasin Com,Ltd. As the contractor for all new construction 18 holes, it has been opened for member and golfer to play golf starting from 1st July B.E. 2538(1995) thenceforth.

In the provisions of the Regulations of the Krungthep Kreetha Association has been designated 2 types of member consisted of Ordinary Members and Extraordinary Members.

Ordinary Members such as the persons are twenty years of age and whose nationalities are Thai, and the Directing Committee has approved them to be the members in accordance with the criteria as designated in the regulations. Any members passed away, the right of membership shall be deemed the legacy that can be inherited to heir. Ordinary Member may transfer own right of membership to the others, if transferee is qualified to be member of this Association and the Directing Committee has resolve to accept the transferee to be member.

Extraordinary Members are the couple under the law and the children born by the Ordinary Member of the Association or two persons who are in the Ordinary Members’ family such as the wife or the husband or the children are not less than 10 years of age, can be entitled to apply to be Extraordinary Members.

Member’s Guest means the Ordinary Members are entitled to take the persons who are not the member of the Association to use the service of the Association as the Member’s guest in accordance to the regulation designated by the Directing Committee. The Member’s guest can use the service of the Association while that member is appearing himself/herself in the area of the Association only and as the period designated by the Directing Committee only.

Member’s Guest (other sports) means Ordinary Member’s Guest in accordance with the regulations of the Krungthep Kreetha Association in the Chapter 3 Article 19 but Ordinary Member’s Guest can  use service of other sports of the Association without that member’s appearing in the area of the Association, however Member’s Guest must pay maintenance fee as the Association stipulated and be the person who is accepted by the Association to be other sports Member’s Guest only.